Defending Childhood, “Honoring

Defending Childhood, “Honoring. Defending Childhood, “Honoring. Module 3 Part 2
Read Chapter 3 in Defending Childhood, "Honoring the lives of all children" Nieto.
Respond to these questions:
1. Define in your own words "cultural baggage" and "deficit mindset".
2. What are your thoughts about cultural baggage and the idea of thinking in a deficit model mindset towards children’s differences?
3. Reflect on your own background. How might this impact your view of children, diversity, culture? Identify areas in which you might have some bias, preconceptions or misconceptions. As a teacher, how might you address these so that they do not negatively impact your teaching?

Module 3 Part 3
1. Read Levin’s chapter 2: A developmental perspective on remote-controlled childhood. Read the scenario in box 2.2 " I want my Daddy to get diabetes" page 26. respond to the 4 questions under what would you do section.
2. What are your thoughts on this chapter and how teachers of young children mind need to provide information for families and parents?

Module 4 Part 2
Read Falk’s Defending Childhood, Chapter 7 page 133 Media, Technology, commercialisim
Read Levin’s Chapter 3 page 29 A closer look at remote-controlled childhood: How media.
Answer these questions
1. How does media impact children’s play? What is a "play deficit disorder"?
2. How does media impact what children learn?
3. How does media impact gender perceptions of children?
4. How does media impact HOW children learn?
5. What are "problem-solving deficit" and "compassionate deficit" disorders?
Read TWO observations on children’s lack of compassion box 3.4 page 38. How would you handle the two situations described by Teacher 1 and Teacher 2?

Required Text(s)/ Resources
Falk, B. (Ed). (2012). Defending Childhood: Keeping the promise of early education. New York: Teachers College Press.
Levin, D. (2013). Beyond remote-controlled childhood: Teaching children in the media age. NAEYC. IRIS Website


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Defending Childhood, “Honoring

Defending Childhood, “Honoring

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