History of Jazz by Langston Hughes

History of Jazz by Langston Hughes. History of Jazz by Langston Hughes. 1. Summarize the origin of Jazz in America. (Locations, dates, prominent
personalities, instruments, etc.).

2. What in your opinion what were Louis Armstrong’s’ contributions to the music world.

3. The “Boogie Woogie” came about when, and where? What was the essence of this style?

4. Briefly discuss Benny Goodmans’ contribution to the music style of the time.

5. What instrument did these people play?
a. Miles Davis
b. Tony Williams
c. Thelonious Monk
d. Billie Holiday
e. John Coltrane

6. In your own words, briefly discuss the Jazz cd, given to you. Are there any tracks or artists you particularly enjoyed? Be honest.

7. What is the main instrument (playing the melody on Jazz Track 1, on the song, “Green Dolphin Street” and what is Lionel Hampton’s contribution to jazz music?

8. On the Cd labeled Swing , what is the featured solo instrument on track 3?

9. On the song in the previous question, who is the musician playing the featured instrument and what is his contribution to the music world?


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History of Jazz by Langston Hughes

History of Jazz by Langston Hughes

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