Historical event

Historical event. Historical event. my question to you, is how truly unprecedented are the events around us? Do you see any historical antecedents to modern events? Does anything we have studied in this course remind you of current political and social tensions? Essentially, do you see any evidence of history repeating itself or do you see modern events as entirely unparalleled? Please select one current political, economic, or cultural trend and explain any links you see to past events from our course specifically. Be sure to address historical nuances of the present/past.

Write a 4-5 page, double-spaced typed essay in Times New Roman font. Follow standard Chicago. Be sure to generate an original thesis to respond to the question. Include a standard introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you cite direct quotes from either textbook, please use parenthetical citations (author, pg. #). Please do not work together and do not use outside sources. This is meant to be an analytical response paper and not a research paper.

This question is purposely written in a broad fashion so that you may select the historical era and subject matter that interests you the most. The challenge will be to use material specifically taken from lecture, your textbook, and primary documents as supporting evidence for your unique argument that addresses the question above. Remember that the purpose of this paper is to articulate a strong understanding of a past event and make an objective comparison to a current issue. Make sure that you remain as objective as possible. This is a historical analysis rather than a subjective, opinion piece.

(The only sources you can use are from the book – American Horizons: Concise Edition (V1) Edition: 2 Author: Schaller. There is not an e-book)


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Historical event

Historical event

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