Hilton. Hilton. Hilton

answers the following questions:

1. What is Hilton’s core business? What is the value of a brand in the lodging industry?
2. Evaluate the performance of the Customers Really Matter initiative to date. Calculate an ROI for the project as:

(Total number of calls * increase conversion ratio * net revenue per call) / OnQ CRM investment.

Support this analysis with qualitative rationale. Note the difference between OnQ (the entire infrastructure for running Hilton that cost $100m) and the OnQ CRM which is the focus here.

3. What do you think Hilton leadership should do after the Blackstone acquisition? Should they further invest in CRM or simply maintain the status quo? What aspects of Hilton’s CRM should be strengthened, if any, and how?
4. Briefly evaluate the potential value of CRM for one of the firm’s a team member works for. How significant could CRM be to the firm? Does CRM raise any potential customer data privacy concerns in this example?


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