high price reading question

high price reading question. high price reading question. Reading Questions for High Price Discussion (First 5 Chapters)
1. Reread the Author’s Note, the Prologue and your assigned Chapter.
2. What purpose does Hart set out for himself? If you had to identify the goal of the book,
what would it be? Identify what you think Hart’s Thesis is.
3. Track the rhetorical appeals we have discussed in class (ethos, logos, pathos, and mythos).
How are these appeals utilized in your chapter & the author’s note/prologue? How are they
reconnected to the overall argument of the book?
4. What role does anecdotal information have? How does the anecdotal information make you
feel about the overall argument?
5. Where do you feel compelled as you reread your assigned Chapter? Where do you feel
pushed out of the text?
6. How would you classify the type of language Hart uses? What’s his diction like? How
would you define the tone of the book?
7. Think about the aesthetic presence of the book itself, as a physical object existing in time and
space. How does the book present itself? What’s the cover like? The cover image? What affect
do the aesthetic qualities of the book have on how you approach the text?


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high price reading question

high price reading question

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