Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston)

Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston). Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston).

LAR 150B Research Paper Topic


Our semester research paper will focus on achievements throughout history of notable American landscape designers and will further explore concepts we have discussed in class. You will write about a notable American designer, several prominent projects they have worked on, how their key project compares to another landscape architect’s key project, and what their lasting contribution is to American Design. To assist in choosing a designer, read the included article by Director Lauri Macmillan Johnson found in Encyclopedia of Gardens: History and Design (2001).

Encyclopedia of Gardens: History and Design

Every group member must choose one landscape designer from the following list. No two people in the same discussion group may cover the same designer. Landscape designers will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. In your Week 5 prompt, make a note at the end with the designer you want to write about. Each designer also has a key project associated with him/her—this project must be included in the essay and can be used as one of the notable projects they have worked on.

TOPIC: Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston)

Content Requirements

Each designer is different and will have different projects or career backgrounds to talk about. For example, contemporary landscape designers may not have enough information about them to warrant a long biography; instead, focus more on their projects. With that being said, here are some recommended page lengths for the essay.

Short career biography (1-2 pages)
3-5 important projects associated with the designer; the key project counts as one of these projects (3-4 pages)
Compare and contrast the styles of your designer’s key project to another designer’s key project. For example, if I chose Frederick Law Olmsted, I would compare and contrast his design and design style with Lawrence Halprin’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. (1-2 pages)
The designer’s lasting contribution to American Design. Think of ways they have changed the field, inspired others, left a lasting mark, or exemplified traits of design. (1-2 pages)

A grading rubric is available on d2l. Click on the dropbox section, click on “Research Paper” and the grading rubric is in there.

Technical Requirements

Essays will be a minimum of 8 pages, double-spaced in length, 12 point font, will use five sources with at least two of those being academic sources from the library (books, journals, articles, and etc.), include in-text citations, and will follow MLA (Modern Language Association) style for citations (MLA Citation Overview). Images included in the essay will not contribute to page count. Wikipedia is a useful guide for finding primary sources but will NOT count as one of your five sources.

Due Date

All essays must be turned into


Shoemaker, Candice A. "United States." Encyclopedia of Gardens: History and Design. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001. N. pag. Print.P(5)

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Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston)

Hideo Sasaki—Waterfront Park (Charleston)

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