Hess' law

Hess' law. Hess' law. INTRODUCTION: (the usual…) clearly state the purpose and explain the chemistry(i.e. define the Law !) – do not simply list the calculations

PROCEDURE: in PARAGRAPH form (3rd person past tense !)… explain the actual procedure done

DATA: all data is contained on the lab computer printout

CALCULATIONS: show equations and calculations of all predicted volumes and % oxygen – give equations used, plug in data, show calc and final result… use units, sig figs & labels

GRAPH: report quality graph…you can use the lab graph provided you followed the directions given on lab handout

DISCUSSION: as usual…state results (remember there were 2 parts to this experiment…hence, 2 results)…Give the true balanced equation for the reaction… compare results to expected & comment…sources of experimental error

(signed carbons attached at end)


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Hess' law

Hess' law

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