Hertz Business Strategy

Hertz Business Strategy. Hertz Business Strategy.

Each student will complete an individual written project termed “Company Analysis” which consists of an examination of the strategy of an on-going business enterprise approved by the Professor. Further guidelines will be provided during the first class meeting. In respect to this course serving as the capstone course, this paper is graded utilizing the Case Study Rubric to ensure the paper satisfied intended learning outcomes for the MBA program. Students will select a local company to analyze. It is encouraged that students select their own company, but this is not mandatory. The final research analysis will follow the model below.

Students will complete a comprehensive Business Administration case study and must ensure to address the following points
•Identification of Issues.
•Stakeholder Perspective.
•Connections to Theoretical and Empirical Research.
•Analysis and Evaluation.
•Action Plans/Implementation.
•Evaluation of Consequences/Controls.

Students must also demonstrate the mastery of the program learning outcomes
•Knowledge of Core Business Administration Concepts.
•Mastery of written and oral communication skills.
•Synthesize information and make recommendations.
•Evaluate internal and external environment.
•Formulate strategies based on quantitative measures.
•Critique ethical and legal environment.

1) Overview of the Company
2) Define the Business – Mission, philosophy, goals, and vision
3) External Environmental Analysis
a) Porter’s Five Forces Model
b) Strategic Group Map
c) Factor Analysis – social, environmental, etc.
d) Other pertinent analysis

4) Environmental Forecasting
a) Remote Environment
b) Industry Environment
c) Operating Environment

5) Internal Environmental Analysis
a) S.W.O.T. Analysis
b) Situation Analysis (HR,OB,POM, etc.)
c) Key Success Factor Analysis
6) Formulating Long-term objectives and Grand Strategy
7) Strategic Implementation
a) Type (compare and contrast)
8) Strategic Control
NOTE: Include research from the library as a portion of this overview and analysis.
Important Components of the Research Project–The paper must follow APA format; be well organized; and free of spelling, grammatical, and structural errors. Appropriate headings and sub-headings must be used to separate and delineate topic areas. The paper should not read like one long story from beginning to end. The paper must begin with an appropriate introduction which sets the stage and introduces the topic and must end with a summary and conclusions.
The paper should not be merely an assembly of quotations from others or a summary of the work of others. It must include your own thoughts and critical thinking on the subject under discussion. The paper must be sharply focused. The topic chosen must be one that can be adequately handled in the limited time and amount of pages required. It is better to keep the scope of the paper very narrow and give the topic full coverage than it is to try to handle a very broad topic and give it only superficial treatment or overview.
The paper should contain approximately 20 – 25 pages (excluding the title page, abstract, references, and appendix) as described above and should be formatted according to the current edition of the APA Publication Manual. Utilization of the competencies of research ability, initiative, critical thinking, leadership, and effective communications will be required to successfully complete this project.
The completed paper must contain a reference list with no fewer than 10 and no more than 20 citations which must be utilized throughout the body of the paper. Citations must be sourced from scholarly articles, books, etc. which may be obtained from the Library and/or its online resources. There must be no more than 2 textbook references, and no textbook may be referenced more than once. No resources are permitted from the general internet without the approval of the instructor. It is feasible that the websites of the organization that is being analyzed may be used. Any paper which is not properly formatted, referenced, or does not comply with APA guidelines will not be accepted by the instructor, and a failing grade will be issued for the assignment. The student may make any assumptions necessary to complete the project.


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Hertz Business Strategy

Hertz Business Strategy

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