Heartworm. Heartworm. The objective of this report is to familiarize yourself with a topic that is new to you. By the end of your report, you should be somewhat of an expert on your specific topic. This means that you should have more knowledge than the average student or layperson on your specific topic. Your topic should be based on some aspect of animal health and/or disease control, and should be a topic that has been relatively well researched via peer-reviewed resources.

I. When you finish the technical report, you should:

A. Have a comprehensive knowledge of some aspect of animal health beyond what has been presented in class,
B. Be more competent in reporting technical information,
C. Be more competent in disseminating the technical information to a casual audience
II. Selection of a topic area:
A. Choose a topic that you find interesting that has been extensively investigated. Topics are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
B. The final report will be a somewhat in-depth overview of your specific topic-
III. Preparation of the report
A. Length of your report must be a minimum of 4 pages. Ideally, you should aim for the range of 5-7 pages.
B. The report must be typed using double spacing between lines, 12 point/pitch (standard type) and 12 characters per inch.
C. There must be a logical flow to the paper.
D. All margins must be 1 inch, and the right margin must be ragged (not justified).
E. Citations and references must be presented according to the CSE Styles Manual, 8th ed. (https://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/DocCSE.html). Journals that use this format
include: Domestic Animal Endocrinology, Biology of Reproduction, Endocrinology, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, and many others, but NOT the Journal of Animal Science. References within the text must be designated numerically.

IV. Grading is based on:
A. Content (80 points)
• accuracy of your presentation regarding the materials assigned,
• depth of your understanding of those materials,
• the originality and depth of thought that you show,
• the clarity and care (grammatical correctness) that mark your writing.
B. Format (10 points)
• Following format guidelines as outlined in this document
C. Following instructions (10 points)
• Both verbal and written directions
• Includes instructions for presentation and suggestions provided by the instructor after returning the rough draft
V. The report must have the following:
A. Cover page:
1) Your Name
2) Title
3) Date

B. Outline/Table of Contents

C. Introduction

D. Body – consisting of content materials (your paper, essentially)

E. Conclusion – likely greater than one-half page in length

F. References – a minimum of 4 references from peer reviewed academic journals.

G. Line numbering on each page, except cover page.

H. Pages numbered in the lower center portion (below the 1” margin) of each page.


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