Health Care Quality

Health Care Quality. Health Care Quality. In consultation with the clinical preceptor, identify aspects of health care quality at the unit, service-line, or agency level. The student will submit a paper that is no more than 3 pages excluding title and reference pages. The paper needs to be Scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced. A minimum of 2 references are required. References must be 5 to 7 years old. The paper needs to have Abstract, Introduction, support, and conclusion.

Include the following information:

A. In your working facility

• Identify the nursing care delivery system in your selected health care agency or nursing unit.
• Identify the patient population usually served.
• Identify high-volume or high-risk types of cases in your selected health care agency or nursing unit.
• Determine the health care agency’s or nursing unit’s usual care problems.
• Identify the standards of care applied in relationship to the patient population.
• List the desired goals and/or outcomes to be instituted to address the usual problems.

B. Describe the agency’s approach to quality improvement. How is this approach implemented?

C. Identify the style of leadership demonstrated at the selected clinical agency and its relationship to implementation of change.

D. Discuss the use of evidence-based solutions to care problems. How would this approach be implemented within the clinical site?

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Health Care Quality

Health Care Quality

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