he excel file “36HospitalADR51612&quot

he excel file “36HospitalADR51612&quot. he excel file “36HospitalADR51612&quot. The excel file "36HospitalADR51612" is large (35 Mb) and contains the financial information of 450 hospitals in California. Another Excel file " HADR_PCL_Labels2004_10_2" is a file that interprets the meaning of some labels. To keep the first several rows stay at the same location while you scroll down to the right and down, you need to use "freeze panes" a feature in Excel. If you are not familiar with this feature, here is a link: https://www.thoughtco.com/screen-with-freeze-panes-3123493#step4. No reference page, no in text citation. This is to be completed in Excel.

Please answer the two questions below:

1. Select a hospital that interests you i.e., select a row in the "Financial and Utilization Data" worksheet in the file "36HospitalADR51612.xlsx" and report the values of these variables: hospital ID number (column A), hospital name (column C), CEO’s name (column P), the number of licensed beds (column AJ), traditional Medicare patient days (column BEC), Medicare Advantage patient days (column BEV), traditional Medicaid patient days (column BFO), Medicaid managed care patient days (column BGH), other traditional payer (fee-for-service private insurance) patient days (column BIM), and other managed care plans (column BJF). Which payer covered the largest number of patient days?

2. From the hospital’s perspective, what strategies can be used to increase the financial gains from this payer?


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he excel file “36HospitalADR51612&quot

he excel file “36HospitalADR51612&quot

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