Title slide ¢ Outline slide ¢ Project introduction slide (HAUNTED HOUSE, and remind us what you needed to do) ¢ Sketch slides ( SEE ATTACHED ) ¢ Conclusions slide ¢ References slide

Any alternative energy technology can be used. ¢ Things to consider: Safety. Operates at night.. Allow extra power for inefficiencies, losses and cold batteries. Keep it simple.

Example of the rooms inside
1.Autopsy room

* Red lighting
* Spray painted messages of doom, death, or insanity
* Doctor with a bloody robe
* Dead bodies
* Heads in a jar
* Bloody tools
* Dripping, echoes, heavy breathing
* Having a mixture of automated (battery-run) devices and real humans playing roles adds to the fear factor, since the guests won’t know which is which.

The room is a gore room with a quick psychological scare that can stun them or cause them to run out in per panic. As they enter, they see the room is lit with a medium red light. They see a body laying on the table with all of his organs hanging above him with wires. A few of the organs are still attached to his hollowed out body. As they enter, they hear medical sounds such as a heart monitor and whispers. The man will start to scream in pain and barely move his arms while trying to scream out for help. They will look directly at the guests begging for help as the doctor comes in with a real circular saw. The saw is missing its blade of course. This is the part we added to make the guests move. The circular saw starts, hitting the prop and causing water to mist the guests. This is why this room uses a red light.

2.Murder scene

* Creepy Things to Write on the Walls : Death to all who enter here./ HELP US!!!/ Scratches on the wall / Don’t close your eyes
* Spooky Sound Effects : Whispers / Screams, moans, laughter
* Piles of skulls
* Bloody bed.
* Bloody clothes
* Man with a knife killing someone in the bed.
* Anything cute and friendly that has turned terrifying and creepy, like a baby doll with its eyes cut out, or a teddy bear that’s being tortured
* the tour guide will walks the guests through, and yell them a scary story about the room before they enter the room, can make the props even more horrifying!


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