Greif Childhood Bereavement

Greif Childhood Bereavement. Greif Childhood Bereavement. Perspectives on Childhood
• Midterms must have a cover/title page and use the ‘header’ requirements from your weekly short writing assignments.
• 4-5 pages Max. (Your title page and source page does not count within the page Max.) The use of an outline, headers, and/or table of contents is not required but suggested to organize your work. If you use these tools you may submit them optionally and they will not count towards your page Max.
• Pages must be numbered, 1.5 spaces, 1 inch margins, typed, 12 inch font and Times New Roman.
• A source page must be included. You must use a min of 8 sources (4 readings, of your choice, must be taken from the readings assigned up until week 8).
• MLA format
Paper: Developmental Factors
Select one of the developmental factors discussed in class (Trauma, Generational Trauma, PTSD, Child Abuse, Grief, Special Needs, Neurobiological Development, Poverty, Family Development, and/or Oppression) and write a 4-5 page research paper on the following (follow the outline below and answer each question in one of two paragraphs):
• The history of your topic
• The definition and construction of your topic in childhood (and if that construction has changed over time or in different settings)
• Changes related to your topic over time
• Discuss at least one developmental theorist of your choice who has published theories that support or explain your topic
• If your topic is influenced by Nature, Nurture or both
• How family development/structure has impacted your topic
• Context of your topic as it varies in social class, culture, country, age, gender, family type, and ethnicity.
• How your topic has been depicted in art, music and literature (and if not why)
• Major milestones, policies and laws passed related to your topic
• Controversy related to your topic and/or major conflicting viewpoints
• A comparison of your topic in time which includes describing and discussing one historical event and one current event related to your topic.
• Any examples you can find about “empowered children” within your topic is extra credit (you have to list the specific children and explain how they were empowered in history/culture/time etc.
Your paper MUST focus on how your topic impacts children (any age) not adults.

20% Grammar, Clear Formatting, proofreading, includes MLA and required layout.
10% Use of an outline as evident by very clear paper structure and organized flow of paper
10% 8 Sources min. (4 from class readings)
10% Research depth- creative, in depth research as evident by unique sources that compliment your paper
10% Ability to stay within page limit
10% Ability to integrate class topics and learnings into the language written into the paper
10% All questions were thoroughly answered and supported in the text and by sources.
10% Use of critical thinking and comparison in writing. Ability to cross analyze text and learnings to conclude new thoughts, facts and opinions on your topic using outside sources and what has been taught in class up until this point
10% Creativity and descriptive language

• Extra credit- additional sources (up to 5 extra point)
• Any examples you can find about “empowered children” within your topic is extra credit. (up to 5 extra points)


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Greif Childhood Bereavement

Greif Childhood Bereavement

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