Greeting Assignment

Greeting Assignment. Greeting Assignment. Find a busy place on campus where people are coming and going and watch people greet each other. Write detailed notes on everything you notice. Pay attention to the words they use, to their expressions, their body language, age, and the way they are dressed. Observe and take notes until you find a greeting sequence that you find interesting. Your task here is to provide a description of a specific greeting encounter detailed enough for you and your reader to be able to imagine what passed on.

Note: this project requires that you conduct an actual observation of the ways in which people greet each other. Work based on secondary sources, or addressing hypothetical (imagined) scenarios will not receive credit.

This is an individual project and it does not allow for collaboration.

Write a short paper, based on your observations and notes. Make sure to address all of the “grading points” below. You may use the grading points to organize your paper with section titles. Carefully edit your paper for clarity, grammar, style, and typographic errors.

Grading points:
1. Write down where, when, and for how long you conducted your observation (5 points)
2. Describe persons involved in the greeting encounter: age, gender, appearance, etc. (5 points)
3. Write down the words of the greeting exchange (10 points)
4. Note people’s facial expressions (5 points)
5. Describe body language (5 points)
6. Describe the tone of greetings: (happy, surprised, distant, etc. (5 points)
7. Did the greeting lead to a more extended interaction? What was that interaction like? (10 points)
8. What can you tell about the relationship based on the kind of greeting? (5 points)
9. What kind of function or functions did the greeting exchange serve? How can you tell? In answering this part of question use Jakobson’s Model of the Multi-functionality of Language (Fenigsen ms. Signs and their types, BBLearn; Ahearn textbook, p.18) 10 points.


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Greeting Assignment

Greeting Assignment

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