Graphene. Graphene. -Grading criteria: 1.Format: abstract, introduction, material properties, comparisons, applications, processing, testing, conclusions. 2.Do not include Table of Contents; not necessary for a paper that is 8 pages maximum. 3.Avoid the use of quotes; Too many quotes, “copy/paste”, not student’s work. 4.Appropriate Technical content; the paper is not an infomercial with superficial content. The paper is not significantly beyond the scope of the course and obviously not the student’s work. 5.Organization of paper; coherent sections, integrated paper; avoid chunks of text with no section headings; 6.Start early, so paper is not a rough draft done at the last minute. 7.Quality of research – use multiple relevant sources. 8.Figures and tables are included, relevant to topic, formatted properly (numbered and captioned). 9.Figures are discussed in text. 10.Good quality photos/images/tables are included and are not blurry. 11.References – proper format, consistent format, and cited throughout text; 5 minimum, not including course textbook. 12.Approved topic, submission of term paper. 13.Quality of analysis or summary; student appears to understand what is being explained. 14.Interesting or informative. 15.Conscientious effort is apparent in final result. 16.Focus of paper is on materials and engineering. -important notes: must use the uploaded files as a resource for the paper and you can add some of your own if you find it good. 2.((((please NO PLAGIARISM because I will turn the paper in by “turn it in” program)))).

Single spaced with 1-inch margins. 10-12 inch font.
8 page maximum; content is more important than length.
Include figures and tables. All figures and tables MUST have appropriate captions.
All references must be appropriately cited throughout the text and listed using ISO format at the end of the paper.


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