“”Grammar Choices for Graduate and professional Writers”.

“”Grammar Choices for Graduate and professional Writers”.. “”Grammar Choices for Graduate and professional Writers”.. i would like use unit 4 in the test. the book’s name is “”Grammar Choices for Graduate and professional Writers”. By Nigel A . Caplan

Class Assessment Using Test-With-Test Design













Benefits of Exam

Tests, especially those with multiple choices, have been used a very long time in assessing students and it is very likely that the tests will stick around for a long time to come. The multiple choices have been used as a staple method of assessing students. This is as a result of its effectiveness characterized by several advantages of this particular method.

The predominant advantage of multiple choices testing format is in its ease in grade of students and simple identification of parts where the class performs poorly. The identification poor performance by the students aids the teacher in knowing where to revisit. Easy marking and grading by use of a grading machine will help in scoring the test. Through the analysis options, a teacher will see where the class is weak and strong.

Learning and reflection can also be measured when multiple choices tests are conducted effectively, hence the method being another tool. There are other numerous ways to assess students skills for example, surveys/polls, in-class activities, wrappers with questions, checking for understanding, written reflections, class deliverables, projects, presentations, portfolios among others, but the multiple choices remain to be the most understood among the other options.

Another aspect of this method of assessment is where students have been forced to demonstrate their levels of understanding of the particular unit or subject. This test format requires the student to the student to express their understanding instead of bubbling another person’s words. The method effectively does away with guess work. Little room for articulation has been left by multiple choices tests. These test help the teacher in assessing the student’s thinking. Written assessments require the students and articulate that thinking.

Multiple choices require more time since they contain more questions than written assessments. The multiple choices offer more possible answers to the questions hence the need for critical thinking by a student. Proper time should be invested in identifying the exact questions to be asked and how they can be phrased.

Written assessments provide a poorer feedback since a student might be partially correct and may solicit different attentions. Multiple choices assessments, unlike written ones, a student is either right or wrong hence the teacher has a clear feedback.

Limitations of Multiple Choice Tests

Multiple choices tests often test the student’s literacy skills more than the topic being assessed. If the student reads a question properly, then most like will get the question correctly. If another student does not read the question correctly will end up failing even he or she has an in depth knowledge of the unit.

Unprepared students have the opportunity to take guess on a choice and might get it right hence the teacher being left under the impression that the students understands the topic when indeed the student does not. This way students end up getting credited for things they do not even know about.

Multiple choices tests can subject a student to misinformation especially which may have an influence in thinking and understanding of the content. This can be brought about when two possible answers are too close, leaving the student in confusion. In a case where the student is wrong, he or she may carry on the wrong aspect in answering preceding questions.

A lot of time is consumed during construction of the questions. The constructions also needs skill from the teacher in coming up with good and suitable questions covering the topics taught in class.

Copy of Test to be handed to Students

Test Instruction

  1. Do not discuss with fellow classmates.
  2. Cheating throw use of non-exam materials is PROHIBITED. Use of text books for references will result in cancellation of test.
  3. Use of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPods and iPads, including other technological tools during the test in NOT allowed. These materials are prohibited in the class.
  4. ALL answers MUST be written on the answer sheet. This also prohibits the sharing of materials in class including passing around papers. This is considered cheating.
  5. For any assistance kindly raise your hand the supervisor will be at your service.


  1. When Ken____ (A. Speak B. Spoke C. Speaks D. Speaking) last night, I _____ (A. Watch B. Watching C. Watched D. Watches) my favorite game.
  2. I _____ (A. Work B. Have been working C. Have worked D. Works) for this organization for six years, and I intend to stay.
  • Mark_ (1) __(A. Like B. Likes C. Liked D. liking) to travel. He _ (2) __ (A. Go B. Goes C. Going D. Will go) abroad every spring. Next spring, he plans to go to Bahamas.
  1. June is a writer. She (A. Write B. Wrote C. Writes D. Has been writing)_(3)__since she was twenty. In addition to that, she (A. Write B. Wrote C. Writes D. Has written)__(4)__ four novels, five short story books collection and three books of poetry.
  2. We were late due to car problems. By the time we (A. Got B. Get C. Gotten D. Getting) __ (6) ___to the bus station, Millie (A. Awaited B. Had waited C. Wait D. Waits) ___ (7) ____for us for more than seven hours.
  3. Becky (A. Try B. Tries C. Tried D. Was trying) __(8)__ to change a light bulb when she (A. Slips B. Slip C. Slipped D. Slept)__(9)___ and (A. Falled B. Fell C. Was falling D. Felt)__(10)__.
  • Every day he (A. Wake B. Woke C. Wakes D. Waking) up at 5 o’clock (A. Eat B. Eats C. Eating D. To eat)_(11)__breakfast at 6 o’clock. However, this morning he (A. Got B. Get C. Gotten D. Getting)_(12)__up at 5:30, (A. Skip B. Skipping C. Skipped D. Skept)_(13)___breakfast and (A. Leave B. Left C. Leaves D. Leaved)_(14)__for work late because he (A. Forgets B. Forget C. Forgot D. Forgotten) to set his alarm last night.
  • Right now, Carey (A. Is reading B. Reads C. Read D. Has read) __ (15) __ the newspaper and Kendra (A. Make B. Makes C. Is making D. Made) _ (16) __dinner. Last night at this time, they (A. Do B. Did C. Does D. Was doing) _ (17) __the same thing. She (A. Cook B. Is cooking C. Has cooked D. Cooks)_(18)__ and he (A. Reads B. Read C. Was reading D. Had read)__(19)_the newspaper. Tomorrow at this time, they (A. Will do B. Can do C. Did D. Does)_(20)_the same thing. She (A. Prepare B. Prepares C. Prepared D. Will prepare)__(21)__ dinner and he (A. Read B. Reading C. Reads D. Has read)__(22)___. The two are easy to predict.
  1. This time next summer, I (A. Shall complete B. Will have completed C. complete D. Completed)__(23)__my studies and (A. Find B. Will find C. Finds D. Found)_(24)__ a job. Her, on the other hand, (A. Has not accomplished B. Not accomplished C. Will not accomplish D. Did not accomplish)__(25)___anything. She (A. Still studies B. Still studying C. Has not studied D. Did not study) and I (A. Work B. Working C. Worked D. Works)__(26)__in a better paying job.

The pupils (A. Are usually B. Usually C. Used to D. Were used to) taught Mrs. Chanti. However, this week they (A. Teach B. Taught C. Being taught D. shall be) _ (27) __ by Mr. Kamara.

(28)Jake whispers on the telephone.

Kim has been whispering on the telephone for an hour.

Mary is whispering on the telephone.

Who might not be on the telephone now?

  • Jake B. Kim C. Mary D. All)


(29)I’m going to make lunch for Dennis.

I’m making lunch for Jack.

I’ll make lunch for Frank.

I make lunch for Banga.

I will be making lunch for Jenny.

Who are you offering to make lunch for?

( A. Banga B. Frank C. Dennis D. Jenny)


(30)Kevin left when Samantha got there.

Will left when Samantha had gotten there.

When Samantha got there, Jade was leaving.

Bob had left when Samantha got there.

After Samantha got there, Mike left.

Who did not come across Samantha?

(A. Jade B. Samantha C. Mike D. None)


(31)Sammy is laughing in church.

Nashon always laughs in church.

Mary is always laughing in church.

Whose behavior bothers you?

(A. Sammy B. Nashon C. None D. Mary)


32) Jim never left Missouri.

Leo has never left Missouri.

Who is alive?

  • Jim B. Both C. None D. Leo)

Answer Sheet


  Name of Student          
1       26    
2       27    
3       28    
4       29    
5       30    
6       31    
7       32    
8       33    
9       34    
10       35    
11       36    
12       37    
13       38    
14       39    
15       40    
16       41    
17       42    
18       43    
19       44    
20       45    
21       46    
22       47    
23       48    
24       49    
25       50    
          TOTAL MARKS SCORE:  





Scoring Sheet


Book Level Assessment


                                                                                    NAME: ______________________

                                                                                    DATE: _______________________



Book level



(With respective book page)


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities


All marks are averaged of all class activities

1. 1. 1 1. 1. 1 1 1 1
2. 2. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
3. 3. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
4. 4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
5. 5. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
6. 6. 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
7. 7. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7


Gradient of Text Difficulty (Teacher’s Division)


Grade Quality of Achievement Points Per Credit Hour Grade Quality of Achievement Points Per Credit Hour
A+ Highest passing grade 4.0 P Passing
A 4.0 S Satisfactory
A- 3.7 W Withdrawn
B+ 3.3 F Failure 0.0
B 3.0 F* Temporary grade – refer to

Grade value explanation

B- 2.7 I Incomplete
C+ 2.3 I* Temporary grade – refer to Grade Explanation
C 2.0 R Deferred Grade
C- 1.7 NC No Credit
D+ 1.3 NR No grade
D 1.0 NY Signifies enrollment in a special program for which credit earned will be recorded when completed.
D- Lowest passing grade 0.7


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