Graduate Project in Nursing week discussion

Graduate Project in Nursing week discussion. Graduate Project in Nursing week discussion.

Week 7 Overview



Last week you determined the study question to focus your study and chose a theoretical framework. This week you will determine the study design appropriate for your clinical question and identify instruments needed to collect data and measure change.

From your reading for Week 5, you will recall that how your question is worded provides clues to the appropriate type of study design. For example, if your clinical question asked about the differences between groups based on the intervention, you would conduct a comparative descriptive study (Burns & Grove, 2009).

If you plan to implement the project you are creating, most likely you will need to develop instruments to measure change and collect data. Ideally, these instruments should be pilot tested to ensure reliability and validity, especially if these instruments have not been used and tested in the past. You will want the data you collect to be reliable so that the decisions you make based on the data are meaningful.

Your study participants may be patients, other nurses, other professionals, or perhaps people from your community. Keep in mind that part of your project is really a research study of sorts. You will be collecting data and reporting it. You may even plan to report the demographic data of your participants. Because of this, you will need to give some thought to how you will protect their confidentiality. While ethical concerns are not as great with an evidence-based project compared to an actual research project where treatment could possibly be denied for the control group, you must nevertheless assure the safety and privacy of those who participate in the study portion of your project.

Burns, N., & Grove, S. K. (2009). The practice of nursing research: Appraisal


This week you continued to plan the study portion of your project proposal. This week’s addition to the proposal included your study design and plans for measuring change. You also had an opportunity to think about whether you would need to create the evaluation tools, or whether you could use tools that had been previously tested for reliability and validity. Giving some thought to protecting the safety and privacy of your study participants, you have considered an important aspect of the study portion of your project proposal. Next week you will complete the planning phase of the study itself and determine how you will analyze your results.








Assignment 1: Discussion

As you work on your capstone project proposal, you may want to share your progress with your peers and instructor and seek or provide guidance or share insights. It is important to support what you say with relevant citations in the APA format from both the course materials and outside resources. Include the South University online library in your research activities utilizing not only the nursing resource database, but also those pertaining to education, business, and human resources.

Discussion Question

This discussion will focus on the measurement tools you will use to evaluate change from the intervention. The purpose of this discussion is to fine-tune your thinking about evaluation by receiving feedback from colleagues and faculty. Include in your discussion:

  • Write a brief description of your project that starts by stating your clinical question and succinctly explaining your planned intervention in order to orient everyone.
  • Will you need to develop your own evaluation tools or are valid and reliable tools available?
  • If you create your own tools, what are your thoughts on pilot testing them? How will you go about this?
  • Will you gather baseline data? Will you use pre- and posttests? How will you measure change?
  • How will you identify the participants for your study? How does the sampling method chosen further define the type of study you will be doing?
  • How will you ensure confidentiality of study participants?




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Graduate Project in Nursing week discussion

Graduate Project in Nursing week discussion

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