Grading. Grading. Using the grades provided in the attached file, calculate a six week grade for any three (3) students. You may indicate the six week grade either as a numeric total or as an alphabetical mark (e.g., A, B, C, D, F). However, numeric totals need to indicate the alphabetical mark equivalent (e.g., A = 94 – 100; A- = 90 – 93; etc.). Please note that there are several aspects to the grade sheet:
There are scores for homework, three exams and two projects. The homework and exams are based on different point totals; the projects have weighted points, but the scores are recorded as letter grades and will need to be converted in some way to account for the weighted points.
There are attendance records which provide the number of days in attendance each of the six weeks. You will need to determine whether or not attendance will be included in the overall six week grade.
There are marks for behavior for each week (S = satisfactory, U = unsatisfactory). You will need to determine whether or not behavior will be included in the overall six week grade.
Provide a clear rationale for how you determined the six week grades. This should describe how you addressed the difference in point totals, how project letter grades were converted to numeric scores, and whether attendance and/or behavior was (or was not) included in the overall six week score and why.


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