GOPRO Camera

GOPRO Camera. GOPRO Camera.

Product is Gopro Camera
This assignment requires you to go out and shadow a salesperson of your choice:
• Accompany the salesperson on a sales call. The best sales call you should shadow is when the salesperson is selling to a new customer or selling new products to a current customer.
• Observe the call and pay attention to the following:
o How the salesperson built rapport with the customer
o How the salesperson probed
o How the salesperson handled objections/questions
o How the salesperson used trial closes
o How the salesperson closed
• Interview the salesperson on the sales process
• Write a three-page double space report of your learning (1 inch margins all sides, double space, and 12 size font) and give a brief presentation in class.p(2)

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GOPRO Camera

GOPRO Camera

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