Goals. Goals. Complete the following activities and worksheets: ( I already did and uploaded )

2.1 Cost of Long-, Intermediate, and short-term Goals,
2.2 Cost per Month of Saving for Goals,
2.3 Saving for the Goal of Retirement (pages 49-50)
3.1 Personal Financial Statement,
3.2 Cash Flow Statement,
3.3 Personal Budget FULL YEAR
4.1 Timelines, Goals, and Financial Instruments (page 104)
5.1 Debt to Income Ratio Calculations

Utilizing the activities and worksheets, analyze and describe the cost of your goals and debt. and (at a minimum) the following questions: How much will your goals cost you in terms of budget, outlay, monthly payments, etc? Did you adjust your budget accordingly, why or why not? How to you plan to pay for the goals if your budget did not reflect the investment of money? Did you revise your goals, why or why not? If you are not saving the 10%, who do you plan to meet the goals? HINT: Use the “Financial Fitness”, and “Making $ense” ideas in the Chapter to help you focus your thoughts.

NEED : Write a 2 page, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margin (separate cover sheet) Word document describing the analysis of the worksheets and activities, answering the questions, and adding additional insights.


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