Global History with Sources" by Robert W. Strayer

Global History with Sources" by Robert W. Strayer. Global History with Sources" by Robert W. Strayer. Has the student in the essays –

• Demonstrated a deep knowledge of the textbook, documents, and discussion assignments? That is, of the material we’ve covered in this course.

• Applied this knowledge skillfully and persuasively throughout their essay?

• Inferred from known facts to arguable or “educated” guesses?

• Used as sources mostly the material assigned in the course (unless otherwise directed) ?

• Cited (given proper credit to) the sources they have used?

• Written a clear, well-organized essay, free of misspellings, poor punctuation, and faulty grammar?

Your first requirement for these essays is the most important: it is essential that you draw upon as many of the required texts and sources assigned in this class in crafting your essay. Show me that you have not only read these works, but are also capable of using their insights and information to draw your own conclusions about that we’ve examined in this course. Those essays that marshal more of the evidence from the readings we’ve tackled in this course and marshal this evidence skillfully will earn the highest grades.

Draw on your earlier assignments, websites, and previous documents in our course in marshaling your evidence. Unless otherwise directed, use mostly the sources assigned in our class, starting with the Strayer textbook. (Please read that sentence again.)

The minimum word count for each of your three essays is, at minimum, 700 words each. At minimum, then, you will submit three essays whose combined word total should be no less than 2,100 words.

If you wish to exceed the minimum word requirement, please do so long as every part of your essay is relevant in answering the questions. In calculating your word total, I will not count your bibliographies or title pages, only the main body of the essays themselves. Also know that the essays must be double-spaced throughout, typed, and that you must use Times New Roman.

When you submit your three essays of 600 words each (minimum!), put all three essays in one (1) file, not three. Read that again. Then be sure the file is uploaded in rich-text format (.rtf). No exceptions.

Citing Your Sources: Be sure to correctly cite the words you borrow. If you borrow another author’s words, data, or ideas, use quotation marks to make clear what you’ve specifically borrowed, then immediately give a parenthetical citation telling me the work you’ve used, the author, and the page number. Using another person’s words without citing their work or without using quotation marks to identify precisely what you’ve borrowed is plagiarism. Ignorance of the term is no excuse and it will earn you an “F” for the paper and a black mark on your academic transcript – the one that is sent to the college you hope to transfer to.

Citation length: Be sure that you use only brief quotations in your papers to clinch a point or provide an example. Longer quotations than a short phrase or one-sentence (not long) sentence will lose you points. Your ideas and your words are what matter in this assignment.

All essays will be submitted by me to an anti-plagiarism service.

In short, Good Student, do not plagiarize.

I strongly urge you to discuss your paper ideas with your fellow students, to exchange rough drafts, to both ask for help and to provide it as you begin the process of writing. Every word of your own paper, however, must be your own work.

Do the best work you can, start early in drafting your essays, and use your own words. Your essays must use as much historical evidence as possible and incorporate as many primary sources as possible.

At The End: Your finished essays, bundled into one rtf file, must be put in the The Second Essay Assignment Dropbox. It can be found by clicking on the Dropbox tab at the top of this screen.

Submit your three combined essays in one rtf file by December 14th, 2015, before 11 p.m. PST. Late essays will not be accepted.

Here are the Final Exam Assignment questions. Again, please answer all three questions.

~ ~ ~ ~

1. What would surprise a knowledgeable observer from 500 or 1000 c.e., were she or he to make a global tour in the 15th century? What features of that earlier world (specify when)might still be recognizable? List, at minimum, three to four features that would surprise, and three to four features that be recognizable. Discuss each feature at length.

2. In what way did the Mongol Empire resemble the Arab, Chinese, and Roman empires? In what ways did it differ from them? How do you account for these differences? The more significant similarities and differences you find and discuss, the better.

3. How does the evolution of the Christian world in the third-wave era compare with that of Tang and Song dynasty China and of the Islamic world? Be specific and note what you believe are the most significant similarities and differences.


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Global History with Sources" by Robert W. Strayer

Global History with Sources" by Robert W. Strayer

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