Global climate change

Global climate change. Global climate change. Students will identify an issue or topic that interests them and research the multiple stakeholders connected to the issue. From these stakeholders, students will select a single organization (company, non-profit, or activist) and think critically about the visual and rhetorical strategies this particular group implements in their campaigns. Finally, students will choose two specific images created by the organization (such as advertisements, PSAs, static images used on a website, flyer, billboard, etc.), and analyze how these visual arguments reflect the organization’s goals.
Students will write a 1,000 – 1,200 word essay that analyzes how the two images represent the interests of the stakeholder (the stakeholder’s goal or message), taking into consideration audience, message, purpose, rhetorical appeals, and / or rhetorical fallacies. In doing so, students should point to specific details from the image to support their claims. In order to effectively analyze the images, students will need to have an accurate understanding of each stakeholder’s goals. Students are required to use a minimum of two sources: one must be the course textbook or an assigned article; the second must be a source from the stakeholder.


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Global climate change

Global climate change

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