GGRC13 Assignment 1

GGRC13 Assignment 1. GGRC13 Assignment 1. GGRC13 Assignment 1 – Journal article critique instructions

Here is the article: Kohn, M. (2004) ‘Introduction’ from Brave New Neighborhoods London, Routledge pp. 1-15 à I uploaded to the account. Thank you!


You will write a 4 pages (12 pt. font 1.5 line-spaced) in which you will:

  1. Introduce the key topic of the paper; briefly summarize what the article is about (1-2 paragraphs);
    1. What does the article set out to do?
    2. What are the main concerns of the author?



  1. Outline the central argument(s) in the article
    1. What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses?
    2. Are there gaps in the literature/knowledge on this topic that the author seeks to fill?
    3. What are the central concepts the author introduces? How does the author define these? Are they clearly defined?
    4. Are there specific methods or case study used to explore the authors’ main claims? How do they use these to support their argument?



  1. Analyse and discuss the content of the article (this is the most important part of your paper). Some of the questions you might want to answer are:
    1. How convincing is the author in their argument?
    2. What questions does the article raise for you?
    3. Do you think that there are ideas, issues or questions that the author ignores or leaves out?
    4. Is the article biased? How or why?




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GGRC13 Assignment 1

GGRC13 Assignment 1

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