Geospatial Lab

Geospatial Lab. Geospatial Lab. Geospatial Lab Application 7

GIS Layouts (18 points)





        For this lab, you will read chapter 7 and complete Geospatial Lab Application 7.2 (ArcGIS) in Introduction to Geospatial Technologiesby Bradley A. Shellito.3rded.  Please use this document to fill in your answers to the questions from the lab application as well as the additional reading and critical thinking questions.


Part 1 – Chapter 7 Reading… (4 points)


1.How would cities most effectively displayed on a very small scale map?  Explain your reasoning. (Hint: map scale, not geographic scale.  See page 224-226) (1 point)





2.Discuss two of the design elements that are included in maps.  What considerations are important for these specific elements? (2 point)






  1. Which of the following is not an example of a thematic map? Explain your choice.(1 point)
  2. A map of the Wisconsin 2012 Wisconsin recall gubernatorial election, showing whether a county voted for Scott Walker or Tom Barrett.
  3. A map of the counties of Nevada, showing whether that county has casinos in it or not.
  4. A map of the Las Vegas strip, showing the location of each casino resort, along with the number of slot machines in each establishment.
  5. A map of the townships of Ohio, showing whether or not hydraulic fracturing permits have been issued in that county or not.





Part 2 – Geospatial Lab Application 7.2… (9 points)


*You do not need to print the map unless you want to!*


1.In section 7.1 step 4, which projection did you choose?  Be sure to pick a projected coordinate system. (1 points)






2.After completing part 7.4, describe the difference between Data View and Layout View in Arc GIS.  (2 points)






Skip part 7.12 for ArcGIS.  Export (File->Export) the map you created in the exercise to JPEG and insert it as a graphic below.  This should NOT be screenshot, but an exported image. (6 points)










Part 3 – Thinking like a cartographer… (5 points)


Why is it important to consider the choice of color, font type, size, and layout for your map?  What are some of the key considerations?  Use google or other internet resources to find an example of a great map.  Try not to use small scale maps showing the entire world or continents, instead try to find a thematic map.  Describe what you think makes this map great including what it includes and what it omits.  Do you have any suggestions for improvement?  Include the map that you use as an image in this document, it can be a screenshot or a URL link to the page hosting the map.



he book required for the assignment is “Bradley A. Shellito, Introduction to Geospatial Technologies, 3rd edition, ISBN-13: 978- 1464188725, ISBN10: 1464188726. Publisher: W.H.Freeman.” YOU can download this off scridb for free.


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Geospatial Lab

Geospatial Lab

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