Gene expression lab report of experiment

Gene expression lab report of experiment. Gene expression lab report of experiment. he first three PDF files uploaded are extremely detailed and important, they are the requirements/guidelines given by my professor in how he wants the report and what’s required, the amount of words per section, what to put in each section, where to look up references, etc.
This lab report requires 6 sources for introduction, 2 of them I’m giving to you, they are the class book and lab manual. the other 4 have to be peer review and where to look up reference says where to look it up. Sources have to talk about topics like gene expression, plasmids especially the ones we used in lab(puc18 and lux), transformation efficiency, antibiotics, plasmids in wild, quorum sensing, gram negative and gram positive.
The lab manual also has the experiment we did in class read everything about lab manual very carefully, it talks about gene expression, our experiment, methods, some results in tables we got too which I included upladed as tables in a doc. Of course they have to be explained.
Every table/graph (read requiremnts in uploaded files), have to have summary underneath it so professor can understand what represents. Also include the plate pics uploaded.

Explanation of results should be in discussion section i thin k, but double check in quideline for writing uploaded.
You have to explain and mention why besides human error we could have gotten a higher transformation efficiency for lux when it should be puc18 higher like mentioned in lab manual. Also, explain why only the LB/AMP lux had bioluminescence. And anything else remeber  you have the sample paper as a guide for what needs to be discussed.
The sample paper I uploaded it’s from a team member, she’s missing stuff but so you can have an idea and guide of what the lab report should look like. Her results in table for transformation are not right she has to change it to the ones I gave you. DO NOT copy anything from her since professor checks for plagiarism.


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Gene expression lab report of experiment

Gene expression lab report of experiment

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