Gas pipeline routing Project

Gas pipeline routing Project. Gas pipeline routing Project. Multi Criteria Decision Making

Gas pipeline routing Project


Following the start of production from the Corrib gas field at Shell International’s facility at Bellanaboy, north Mayo, Shell has announced its intention to develop a pipeline to deliver gas to a new facility in Galway City. The pipeline will commence from the Bellanaboy plant (Fig.1 below) and terminate at a new facility at New Docks in the Galway dockland area south of Lough Atalia (Fig.2 below).


Fig. 1 (courtesy, Nov 2015)

Shell has contracted your organisation, GeoSmart, a mapping and engineering consultancy, to assist with the initial route planning. The task is to develop a model to assist with the route selection.

















Fig. 2.    Site of new gas facility (Courtesy Google Maps, Nov 2015)


  • Research relevant material to develop a set of criteria for the routing process
  • Source and integrate relevant data for the analysis
  • Carry out the analysis and processing to create a ranked suitability map ranking the suitability of locations for the pipeline route
  • Utilise the Least Cost Pathway tools to automatically select an initial route.
  • Compare the routes

Learning outcomes

On completion of the project, the learner will have

  • An overview of the route selection process
  • Investigated the role of GIS in this procedure
  • Researched published literature to establish appropriate criteria for route selection.
  • Sourced and download suitable data from relevant sources in Ireland.
  • Integrated and projected data into appropriate coordinate systems
  • Developed and utilised a model to determine the optimum route
  • Understood the concept of Multiple Criteria Evaluation (MCE) and applied it to the problem
  • Created a model using Model Builder to automate the process
  • Critically analysed the process in terms of the modelling and process and the route chosen.



Each student will undertake this project individually and submit a report as well as a print out of the maps created. The report shall include a brief discussion of the criteria selected, information about the datasets, a summary of the tools employed when carrying out the exercise, any issues or difficulties encountered and conclusions or any lessons learned from the exercise.

Include your thoughts on the usefulness of the model and some reflections on the learning outcomes of the project.



Submission date               TBC   (to be discussed)



  • The model will be constructed in the raster domain – it will be necessary to set appropriate spatial extents, grid cell size, analysis mask etc.
  • All work to be carried out in Irish Transverse Mercator co-ordinate system
  • Approach the project within the context of a college project, that is, take a realistic view of what can be achieved within the time limitations and work schedule restrictions.
  • Examine the route selected and check its realism/feasibility against the data sets and Openstreetmap or World imagery.
  • The route chosen by the system will be somewhat ‘crude’ and will need to be more finely adjusted by conditions on the ground (for example, road junctions, individual buildings, river/stream crossings, etc.). Corine does not represent individual or small clusters of buildings. It should however give the broad direction of the pipeline given the criteria utilise.
  • In passing, examine the accuracy / fit of the Corine data as against the land cover in the World imagery.
  • Remember to incorporate all the elements contained in the submission checklist.
  • Note this project is entirely fictitious!!










We want to find the best route from the Bellanaboy terminal to the processing plant in Gaway.

We can do this in two ways

  • Create a ranked suitability map to show the suitability of each cell for the route and visually create a route through the area.
  • Use the Least Cost Pathway tools to automatically create the least cost route through the landscape
  • Ranked suitability map
  • Use your data developed from your criteria and appropriate real world judgements to create the ranked suitability map
  • Carefully look at the result and use the draw tool to sketch in a suggested route.
  • Use Cost Path tools to create an automatic route.)
    • Create a Cost Surface (for example, combined criteria)
      1. Use Cost Distance
      2. Cost Path

Compare the two routes







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Gas pipeline routing Project

Gas pipeline routing Project

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