Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill Presentation

Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill Presentation. Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill Presentation. This project is for my ONLINE Environmental Chemistry class. I need you to create a PowerPoint presentation in a similar format to the ones you did for me for a different course 4 months ago (I will attach a sample so you remember”. The presentation must, at a minimum length, be 20 slides but may be longer. The presentation must include the citation of sources in standard format. The instructions of this order asks for the work to be in a powerpoint but I need you to do it on Word. So instead of doing it on a “PowerPoint or Similar” as instructed, you will do it in word document and then I will copy everything and put it into powerpoint file. The writing should be in a bullet points format, IT IS OK IF YOU HAVE LONG BULLET POINTS, JUST MAKE SURE YOU DELIVER YOUR IDEAS CLEARLY because I am not going to talk about it (it is just online submission), everything should be understood by only reading the text. Finally, as usual please use very very very simple language when writing this paper. Let me know if you have any questions Thank you! Please read the following instructions from the professor and follow it:
Our environment has been the victim of all sorts of attacks. Some of these attacks are natural such as hurricanes and earthquakes. However, there are attacks that are unnatural and manmade such as wars, explosions, chemical spills, etc. These attacks usually carry with them heavy price tags as property and lives are damaged beyond full compensation and repair. The topic for this presentation is (Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill)
Please note or highlight the slides numbers Slide1,2,3….) on the word file so I can copy each section(Slide) and insert it in a powerpoint file. I attached also some slides from our class that might be related to the topic of this project (Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill).


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Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill Presentation

Galveston Bay, Texas, Oil Spill Presentation

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