Gallstones. Gallstones. please Use heading given
1 introduction
2 Back ground
3(this will be chosen pathology – condition )
4 case
5 conclusion

Introduction :
Telling the reader what your essay is going to be
“this essay explores the diagnosis of —— by means of fictitious case study
Not you can give a name of the patient here like Mrs X or Mr Y (50 -100word )

Back ground :
# A brief paragraph introducting your patient amd giving the start of their journey
Note –this is made up case using general information that you have found

# here you would make use of information you have found out about patients suffering from this condition – pathology
If normally affects young men then you would make your patient a yung man
Make the patient suffer from the symptoms that you you would have found patients with this conditions suffer from 

How to start – examles
Mrs x or y (or paient name )has been suffering from ——- for ——– , this has affected ——— and she has decided to visit her GP (or docktor ).
After listening to her – his history the docktor suspects ———— and has sent her for further diagnostic tests / imaging ( 100-200 word )

( name of the pathology/ condition):
This section is not specifically about your patient , it is about the condition )
All information in this section should be referenced
Structure with sub headings :
-Teatment options

Sub heading
Aetiology :
-The science of the cause of the disease
-Information about your chosen pathology/condition
-This information will be dependant of the condition .
*Ways in whichit is thought to develop
*Possibale causes
*How many people it affects ( 100- 250word)
Sub heading
This is the main body of the work
Advantages and disadvantages or relevant imaging modality/ procedure that can be used in the diagnosis of your chosen pathology / condition
– Taken from litrure (evidence)
-Has to be refrenced
-Critique the evidence ( is good or bad source ) (1600 word)

Sub heading
-A forecast of the cource / duration of the condition
-Based on your research
-Reference (50-100 words)

Sub heading
Treatment options
-Beased on research what are the possibale treatment available (50-100 word)

here you return to your fictitiou patient
write out what happened to your patient after they were sent for imaging / diagnosis.

What procedures did they have
What this pathway chosen because of your paticulaer patients circumstances
Age, stage of disease etc

Was it it becouse of the practic context
Avaliability / lack of availibality of all modalities

Try to referance this piblished patitent pathway guideleines(sign,nice etc) (800-900word)

Some placace to find guidelines

conclusion :
*still the fictitious patient
*what happened to your patient after diagnosis
this should be based on information you have found out from searching literature
what would normally happen to the patient that you have described
(the conclusion only for our patient )


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