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Frenemies &Literature. Frenemies &Literature. Rousseau’s Second Discourse
Assignment: 1 page response to the following essay questions

1. He begins speaking of “Savage Man” on p. 141 paragraph [18] & p. 161. Describe Rousseau’s image of primitive man, or man in what he calls a “state of nature.”

2. Rousseau describes the human being as a “free agent” on p. 140. What does he mean by this and what are its implications for human identity? Connected with this notion is the idea of human “perfectibility” on p. 141. What does Rousseau mean by this?

3. In the Second Discourse what does Rousseau identify as the cause and origin of the inequality. He identifies the cause of growing inequality as the result of the transition from what he calls “amour de soi-meme” and “amour propre”? Both of these terms can be translated as “self-love” but they do not mean the same things. Explain what they are and compare and contrast them. (see throughout the text but also page 218)

4. For Aristotle what makes human beings moral and virtuous is the use of reasons and the restraint it provides against instincts and passions. What does Rousseau claim makes men moral? (see paragraphs 37-45 roughly)

5. Rousseau gives a description of the origins of “amour-propre” which can also be translated as vanity. What is the origin of vanity as Rousseau sees it? (see the beginning of Part Two pp. 161-70, paragraphs 15, 16, 17, particularly 27)


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Frenemies &Literature

Frenemies &Literature

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