Franchise law in California State

Franchise law in California State. Franchise law in California State. I am a PhD student and I am writing my dissertation about franchise law in Saudi Arabia, because franchise law in Saudi Arabia has deep deficiency and has no separate law in franchise but it works under Commercial Agencies as you see in the attachment. My goal is to write a new model of franchise law, criticize and reform some existing laws in Saudi which works under commercial agencies as I said. In order to write that, I suggested taking A California State Franchise Law and Federal law as a sample of franchise and get benefit from them to enact new law of franchise in Saudi Arabia. So, one chapter of the dissertation will be about that (California State & Federal Franchise Law) from the beginning which will be the chapter that you will write about.


I want the writer to write about California State & Federal Franchise Law and mentioned to Saudi Arabia franchise Law throughout the chapter. For example, mentioning that in the introduction and the reasons that you choose California franchise law which is the reason I said above and choosing California law specifically, because it is the first state in United States that legislated franchise law. Another example of mentioning Saudi Franchise Law, when you write about some of California Laws you mention to Saudi Franchise Law as a critique that this law is not in Saudi Law which has to be enacted in the suggested new model because this point (clause or article of California Franchise law) is very important. That is as an example and I am sure that the writer will do great on the rest of chapter. I attached Saudi Commercial Agency which is in a few pages, and franchise law is included or let is say integrated.


There are many things in California franchise law and Federal law. For example, UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular), FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) – I don’t know if UFOC & FDD are same or different, what the Federal Trade Commission requires, what are the legal steps to register a franchise or to start franchise, fees, important points, clauses or laws that should mentioned like in case of disputes whether domestic or international, …….. etc. It is important to mention to the types of franchise law or documents that we need to understand the California franchise law in general.


I want that in good organization and logical. I will show it to my professor and if he gave me a great feedback then I will be with the same writer in the rest of the dissertation and I will choose a good time like beginning of each semester and the middle which there is no stress or no rush time. Notice that if he gave me a feedback to change or add then I will send it back to the same writer to do that.

Finally, I want references from books at least 7 books and want the citation like the sample dissertation that I attached. I don’t know what type because I don’t know the name of the style so this is why I attached a sample of a PhD dissertation. Please update me with your steps and to be in touch with you.


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Franchise law in California State

Franchise law in California State

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