Found of Budgeting and Finance

Found of Budgeting and Finance. Found of Budgeting and Finance. Mid-Session Evaluation: Review the case study posted on Blackboard, select pages from the MTA’s fiscal 2011-2014 Financial Plan (II-1 and II-3 ONLY), and no other sources to provide an assessment of the fiscal position of the MTA. Select one of the options provided at the end of the case study to address the MTA’s 2011 budget shortfall and place the authority on a track towards long-term fiscal health.
To clarify, there are three key parts: assessment of the MTA’s current position, your selected plan for fiscal 2011, and how you expect the changes to affect the authority in the long term.
Criteria for Evaluation: Three dimensions of evaluation, listed in order:
Argument: the point of view you have and plan you seek to follow should be very clear
Evidence: information, both quantitative and qualitative, should be robust and clearly referenced, as the case study document is rich with information
Prose: writing should be clear, smooth, generally written in the active voice, and free of typographical errors.
Key Requirements: Memos may follow the format of your choice, but must be 3-4 double- spaced pages long (I will stop reading at the bottom of page 4). To support your argument you must develop and cite at least four (6) instances of financial ratios.
Citations: Since there is only one document, you may simply cite using “Case Study page XX” to indicate referenced material. Since you will likely use the fiscal 2011-2014 Financial Plan to view financial data, you may refer to the corresponding page in the case study since the material is identical, though the original plan document is much more legible.
Deadline: Mid-Session Evaluations are due Wednesday, December 2, at noon.


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Found of Budgeting and Finance

Found of Budgeting and Finance

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