Forensic Psychology: Deinstitutionalization

Forensic Psychology: Deinstitutionalization. Forensic Psychology: Deinstitutionalization. Select a current debatable issue, survey a full range of positions regarding that issue, and argue your position in an essay of four-to-six pages. This paper is rhetorical in nature, and it requires a clear and defendable thesis with at least three major research-based points of support. The best arguments do three things:

substantiate a position with multiple points, each of which is supported by strong logic and credible, cited research (logos, ethos)

explain how the argued position matters and how it reflects a shared set of values (pathos, ethos)

refute at least one main argument of an opposing position (logos, ethos).

Substantiate your logic with information from relevant journalism, scholarship, and research from fields of knowledge appropriate to your selected topic (geography, psychology, sociology, ecology, health, law, philosophy, technology, linguistics, literature, fine arts, biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and so on).

See the end of this document for a list of unavailable topics.

Students should consider choosing a debatable topic in their major field of study for at least a few reasons:

to develop knowledge of research in a major field of study

to increase proficiency in conducting research in a major field of study

to connect skills in composition, critical thinking, and research in a major field of study.

Students are encouraged to use the assignment to grow within their majors.


-include the elements listed above

-adhere to MLA or APA style guidelines

-use double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman

-integrate and synthesize information from at least TEN credible sources and cite those sources in the text of your essay; at least six of the sources must come from a Manderino database;

-credit all sources using parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page in MLA format (or a Reference page in APA format). All direct quotations, paraphrased sections, and summaries of source material must be properly cited. If they are not, you are plagiarizing.


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Forensic Psychology: Deinstitutionalization

Forensic Psychology: Deinstitutionalization

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