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Constitute the leadership for many of us an essential element of our freedom and our independence, but aging and some diseases may carry with them the physical changes that might threaten our future on the road.

Heart attacks may lead to the death of the commander of the vehicle while driving his car, which may collide with pedestrians and other vehicles meaning it is a danger to everyone.

Cause heart attacks, strokes, loss of consciousness while driving. Therefore, it is important to be aware of and can look to be able to corner the car had been set aside in the event of a similar problem. When a heart attack, you feel as if something pressing on your chest, and suffer chest pain that extends to your left hand, neck, jaw, or back, shortness of breath, tired unusual, revolving, sweat cold, and nausea (although women may get a heart attack without experiencing pain in the chest). A quick solution: If you experience any of these symptoms, stop the car in a safe place away from the road and called an ambulance.

The small and stylish wrist device is currently an Indiegogo campaign and will automatically sync all feedback and data to your phone (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to provide you with crucial information that defines what your heart rate really means to your health goals. so this device can be used to make sure that the drive is able to continue driving the vehicle safely.


The price of this watch is about 70£. This device is available in electronic stores if the estimated request of the famous shopping sites like Amazon. Automatic syncing with apps on iOS and Android via Bluetooth offering you easily accessible feedback.


PulseOn device has few problems for instance, Battery life is only ten hours and then must be recharged again. Supposed to stay for a full day before the return freight. Battery life is the main problem you may notice in this device.

This device need to be at right position for the PulseOn device is 1-2 finger widths towards elbow from the bone on the side of your wrist. So, it must be worn pretty high up the wrist for accurate HR readings. Unfortunately, the area where the removable strap connects to the watch hinge is through Velcro strips and this extra sinking in of the strap does cause some discomfort. The PulseOn takes a while to register the correct HR reading. For example, my HR at that moment could be 140 but the PulseOn would indicate a low reading before climbing to about 140 after about a minute.




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