Fiscal management practices

Fiscal management practices. Fiscal management practices. This paper should be an essay of about four pages (1-2 pages as an overview of the organization ( Los Angeles City ) and its financial condition, 1 page on personnel, and 1 page on either the purchasing ordinance, investment policy, or capital improvement plan). You can go longer. References would be in addition to this suggested page length. No charts/graphs are required.

This assignment is more of a narrative about the selected organization. Examine the organization’s budget and audited financial statements. Interpret the information presented about budget priorities, planned projects, trends, opportunities, and challenges. Do not paraphrase or rehash what the organization says about itself – in brief, what are your own impressions and takeaways?

Analyze personnel levels and costs, answering at least some of the following questions. What services are provided in-house? How many employees per resident? Labor costs per resident? Look at the state controller’s web site to get a sense of salary ranges, benefit pages, and the highest/lowest paid employees. What kinds of personnel issues are identified in the budget? What pension plans are offered? Is the organization still operating with fewer employees since the recession?

Do a scan of funds held in reserve and debt levels. How good or bad do they seem to be on first impression? Also, compare general funds to designated or enterprise funds.

Pick at least one of the following to examine: purchasing ordinance, investment policy, or capital improvement plan. Instead of a capital improvement plan, a nonprofit may have some other type of fiscal sustainability, fundraising, or strategic plan. 

I will add some slides for further information that might be needed from the class and for resources 
Also, The book required “The Guide to local Government Finance in California ” chapters 9-11 to pick one area for the assignement


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Fiscal management practices

Fiscal management practices

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