First Draft: CAPSTONE

(REMEMBER: This first draft is 15-page WITHOUT counting the references pages)
It is my pleasure to resume working together in the second step of my Capstone project after we finished step one, which was selecting a topic. As you know, in step 1 of selecting a topic you had been working in two revisions before the faculty finally approved the idea.
Now, we will start doing sept 2 in this order, which will be the 15-page first draft (NOT INCLUDING THE REFERENCES PAGES), which must be approved as well by the faculty after I send it, so please do a great first draft to save our time and efforts by applying the instructions in the first draft I’ll mention at the bottom. Please REMEMBER that the step is the most important step to be done because it will be the nucleus and base of the 60-page Capstone project itself in Step 3, which we will do together after we finish from this very important 15-page first draft (NOT INCLUDING THE REFERENCES PAGES).
With this order you will find two attachments that MUST be used to do this 15-page first draft (NOT INCLUDING THE REFERENCE. 
The first attached has a description of the Capstone project and what you will do with this attachment is to go to the description part of the first draft in this attachment to know what the components are that we must cover according to the faculty and remember that the first draft will not be approved without applying the elements they mention in this attached. These elements briefly are
Title of the project
A significant statement of the purpose of the project. 
Need for the study, including literature support.
Initial literature review, which will continue to grow over the time of project development.
Methods to be used: very clear and concrete.
(Please check the first attached for more details)
The second attachment is the proposal of the idea you made, which has been finally approved.
VERY IMPORTANT: You must please cover all the aspects mentioned in the proposal of idea you made, which can be found in the second attachments, like the important point of EM, so please apply what has been mentioned in the proposal as well in this first draft to expand more in the later 60-page page Capstone.
The third attachment is the message sent to you after you met the program director, just to remind you with what she has said regarding the whole project of Capstone including this first draft. The third attachment is the revised idea of my Capstone, Step 1, that has finally approved by the faculty. ALL its parts must be covered completely and nicely in this 15-page first draft with a long list of reliable references.
Please also remember that the program director and faculty use a high-standard evaluation when they meet and discuss all the first drafts of their students to decide if any first draft is approved or not, so please work based on this fact, especially that we have done revisions many times until they finally approved the idea, so please take advantage of their comments  sent  to you in revision 1 and 2 to know how they are thinking.
IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned in a previous message and revision,to add to the last part of the previous long message, The program director during our meeting to discuss your idea they have approved mentioned the importance to use D C D ( Division of Communicable Disease) and its documents that are very appropriate for the topic of our idea to serve some parts of this first draft and Capstone after that, so please use this source very well (extremely important).
IMPORTANT: Please remember that we will be having the 60-page capstone immediately after we finish this 15-page draft.
IMPORTANT: Please remember that this first draft you will do here will be the nucleus, base, and front part of the Capstone, so it must be included in the Capstone later. 
IMPORTANT: As I’ve explained to you earlier, please also remember that the Capstone later will be having two parts:
FIRST PART: is the academic part that includes discussion, recommendations, conclusion.
As you know, you’ve named two things in your idea, as you know, which are: Report and Plan.
The program director discussed this with me during our meeting and she mentioned that the first draft has to be included, as you know in the first and front part of capstone to be the base of our work where you will develop outl8nes for the deliverable:
2)include in the Plan
After that,
End result:
Academic piece 

(Please check out some of the samples of previous capstones of some friends).
The program director also mentioned that will be required to present this to the ministry using some slides included in the Capstone, check out some previous capstones, and include this to the Capstone and their feedback as well during a particular time of the next term.
I’ll be required after that to prepare about 30 slides to do my presentation of Capstone to the faculty at the end of the next semester.


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First Draft: CAPSTONE

First Draft: CAPSTONE

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