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firm’s financial advisors. firm’s financial advisors. International – general question
International – general question
You are a financial analyst for a major brokerage house.  Your task is to prepare a report for the firm’s financial advisors, the people who advise clients on their portfolio allocation, and for the firm’s portfolio managers, the people who manage the mutual funds and ETFs as to the suitability of the country for investment.  Analyze and synthesize the following economic and financial concepts/indicators as you assess the current and future situation for your country keeping in mind that the managers and advisors will use your report to make decisions for the firm and for the firm’s clients.  Thus, the managers and advisors do not want a list of data.  They want someone to tell them what the data means and how they can use the information for decisions.
Choose 3 of the following factors for your analysis that provide insight into the opportunities and pitfalls of investing in this particular country.  Why are the selected indicators the strongest for decision-making in your judgment?
• Inflation
• Unemployment
• Government spending, debt and deficit/surplus
• Central Bank policy and industry
• Demographics
• Major industries for export and import
• Stock market performance
• Exchange rate
• Trade agreements
• Political environment and ramifications
Remember to:
• Connect the data/information with economic and finance theory
• Provide actionable information for decision-making
Presentation information:
• Be sure to use headings to clearly show you are answering each part of the overall question.
• Use tables and charts to present data instead of using valuable word space to delineate data.
• You are assessed based on your unique discussion not just a compilation of external sources and analysis.
• Please limit your answer to 2000 – 2250 words.  The tables and charts do not count as part of the overall word count.
• Please cite your sources.
• Please single-space within paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs.
• Section headings to get you started:
o Section 1: Overview of the country including charts/tables that present relevant data.
o Section 2: Analysis and synthesis of data and information including a country’s comparative advantage and how your analysis relates to trade theory.
o Section 3: Conclusion with recommendations for managers including how and why to use information for decisions
• Basic Internet sources for country information include: CIA World Factbook,,, and St. Louis Fed FRED database.  You can also use the Library databases such as Business Source Complete and OECD iLibrary along with others with which you may be familiar and/or used in various classes.


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firm’s financial advisors

firm’s financial advisors

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