Financial Planning and Non-profit Agency Budgeting

Financial Planning and Non-profit Agency Budgeting. Financial Planning and Non-profit Agency Budgeting. – Golensky(2011) discusses resource generation and fiscal basics in Chapters 10 and 11.
Golensky, M. (2011). Strategic Leadership and Management in Nonprofit Organizations. Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books.
– In the Community Toolbox website, there is a great chapter on budgeting that takes you step by step through the development of an agency budget and provides some sample budgets. Use these resources to develop an actual budget for your Agency Presentation (Task 3).

1- You need to choose a specific type of budget that will be appropriate for your nonprofit, 2- and find out market prices for all of the items you will need including employee salaries and benefits, office space, equipment, etc.
3- As you develop your agency/program, are there any specific concerns for you in these areas? How will you address these concerns?

My Agency Presentation is to develop A NON-PROFIT a refugee center in Saudi Arabia. Notice that the agency in the beginning will be small due to the limited budget. Some money and services as food ad cloths providers will be Government ,charities, donations

USE the provided book and website as sources


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Financial Planning and Non-profit Agency Budgeting

Financial Planning and Non-profit Agency Budgeting

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