Final report English Mac and Specter

Final report English Mac and Specter. Final report English Mac and Specter. Overview: You will continue with the same topic you researched for your proposal assignment, and use the research you found in this final report. You will write a formal feasibility report that compares different options and recommends the best choice. This will give you experience writing and constructing a formal report, conducting business-related research, and critically analyzing a problem.

If you worked with a partner on the previous project, you will need to continue to work with them on this. If you work with a partner, you need to compare at least three options rather than two. You also need to turn in a description of what each group member contributed to the report (e.g. specific sections or duties) in your Appendix. You will again be in charge of applying team dynamic techniques and receive the same grade for the project.

Type of Report: Content-wise this will be a feasibility report (pg 143) and format-wise a formal report (chapter 6). The format is similar to the example on pg 180, but will include a list of illustrations, will not include an abstract, and will have slightly different page numbering. You can use the book for general guidelines on report writing, but be sure you are including all the below sections.

REQUIRED Elements (Organize in the order listed below):

Front Matter: The front matter uses roman numerals for page numbers, follow the number guidelines below (see a full report in figure 6-2 starting on page 180 in the book).

The front matter will include:

A Cover Memo written to me. This should be one page at the most and should very briefly introduce the report – you don’t need a lot of detail on it. This doesn’t have a page number shown on it but it counts as the first page (roman numeral i).
A Title Page: Listing report title, authors, person or people prepared for, and the date. This counts as roman numeral ii, but does not have a page number shown on it.
A Table of Contents: Lists the sections (typically the headings) of your report and corresponding page numbers. This is the first page to actually show a page number on it – roman numeral iii.
List of Illustrations: This is sometimes called a list of figures as well. It is a table of contents to the illustrations or visuals in the report (do not include the actual visuals in this – just their titles and corresponding page numbers). Continue roman numeral page numbering in this section if this is on its own page.
An Executive Summary (one page max): This is a short summary of the entire report including the different options you looked at and which one you are recommending. Continue roman numeral page numbering.
Report Body: The below elements are the main body of the report – you use normal page numbers starting with “1” for the rest of the report:

Introduction – Briefly introduce the report topic and supply any necessary background information. You can draw on some of the same info/wording that you used in your proposal for this, but this intro should be a little more detailed.
Research – Describe any research you did to investigate the problem and what you learned from it. For primary research, give details on how it was conducted – e.g. how you surveyed people, the questions that were asked, how many people responded, and the most relevant results. If you observed a service or place, then describe the times and days you went, why you chose those days, and what you found out. For secondary research, describe the articles and research you found and what you learned from them. You may also find it helpful to include research info/stats/quotes in other sections of the report – like the alternatives discussion or conclusion. But this section should at least provide a brief overview of what you did.
Alternatives Discussion – Note that the format of your alternatives may be different depending on your topic. But this section needs to:
Present AT LEAST TWO options that you looked at (e.g. Comparing a career as a brew master with a career in accounting)
Discuss pros, cons, costs, etc. of each possible solution you present (e.g. Brew master pro: opportunity for creativity, con: less job opportunities available.
You may also want to include a decision matrix in this section to compare the options.
Identify which alternative would best serve your purposes and:
Show how advantages of recommended option outweigh disadvantages (e.g. Although there are less jobs available for brew masters, it would be worth it because…)
Offer details about benefits of recommendation (e.g. Studies have shown that job happiness leads to better health, etc.)
Discuss steps they need to take to pursue this option) (e.g. To pursue this career option, I need to gain experience working at a brewery…)
Back Matter:

Works Cited page
Optional Appendix items – e.g. surveys, glossary, additional charts, etc. If you worked with a partner, you are required to include a sheet describing different tasks each person performed.
Additional Details:

Format and Design: The total page count for front matter and the report body will be about 8-10 pages (this does not include back matter). You can go one page over or under this page count as long as you are meeting the assignment requirements and including relevant information. It should be single spaced with one line space between paragraphs (no indentations for paragraphs). The report should be typed in a standard, professional font in 11 or 12pt size. You can choose to either turn this in physically or on Canvas. Reports are one type of writing that is often still done in physical print and you may find it easier to submit that way. If you submit it electronically, you need to submit it as one document instead of multiple ones (we will talk about how to do this and still get the page numbering right).

Research: You are required to use at least one primary source (e.g. observation, interview, survey, reviews), and one secondary source (e.g. a study or article on how businesses can improve sales, customer service). You should have some of these from the previous assignment. You can add additional research too. Cite your source materials using in-text citations and a works cited list according to either MLA or APA style (only use source citation style for this – you don’t need to follow other requirements like double spacing or listing your name, class, etc. on the first page).

Visuals and Graphic Highlights: Use visuals (graphs, tables, etc.) to help your reader process the nuts and bolts of your report. (AT LEAST THREE ARE REQUIRED). ALL figures should be introduced prior and followed by explanatory text, and should be cited correctly if they are pulled from a source. These should not be sloppily copied and pasted from a source, you should re-format or create your own visuals. If you turn in a printed report, make sure your graphics look good when printed. You’ll also want to organize the information so it’s easy to read using headings, subheadings, and bullet points (more info on pg 214-216 of the book).

Audience: I will be the audience for this report. You should address it to me and include any details that I would need to know on your topic. Be sure to maintain a professional tone


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Final report English Mac and Specter

Final report English Mac and Specter

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