Final paper Public Health

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The Course Description: 
The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the concepts of public health as they relate to disaster management. The student will apply Noji’s five phases of a disaster to actual public health disaster events during the last 25 years. The course will focus on what preparedness actions are necessary to safeguard the health of citizens and emergency personnel during a disaster event, as well as public health disaster response and investigation. Public health issues in disaster management that are covered include water and food supply disruption and contamination, waste disposal, environmental pollution and infectious disease outbreaks. The basic principles of epidemiology and health surveillance will also be reviewed. Statistical epidemiology will not be covered in this course due to the limited time allotted to give a taste of material which, in its full form does fill an entire master’s of its own.
NOTE: The required Texts for this course are, see the syllabus: Textbooks: 1. Ciottone, Gregory – Disaster Medicine, (2015) ISBN – available on line through library. 2. Landesman, Linda – Public Health Management of Disasters – The Practice Guide, 3rd Edition (2012) ISBN #0-87553-004-4 3. Wisner, B and Adams, J. – Environmental Health in Emergencies and Disasters – A Practical Guide, (2003) World Health Organization ISBN #9789241545419 4. Koenig and Schultz—Disaster Medicine: Comprehensive Principles and Practice, (2011) Cambridge University Press And the required reading assignments for week 3, the week of presentation, are: 1. Landesman chapters 3 and 5 2. Selected journal readings 3. Public Health ICS document.
VERY IMPORTANT, this assignment is to do this final paper, which should be 14-page final paper (not including the references pages) and as you know, you have chosen H1N1 outbreak US 2009/10 from the list of choices I sent you to be our topic of this final paper . In regards to the number of references, please use a long list of references if the instructions of the paper allow you to do so.
Please remember that I will upload two attachments with this order, which are: the guidelines of this final paper AND the other extremely important pdf file mentioned in the instruction. Please pay a particular attention to this pdf file, which will regulate your work and apply every single point mentioned in it very carefully to avoid the bad story of the last semester! Please be careful!

Final Paper: Read the CDC document entitled Public Health Preparedness: Mobilizing State to State. There are nine recommendations in the background section. Choose one of the 5 public health disasters listed below and write a 3000 word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident and then how and why aspects of the incident were handled well or could have been handled better according to this document. Each of the nine main points of the CDC document must be addressed in your paper. If a particular one does not apply, state why (with a detailed enough explanation to support your opinion) and move on. I expect that you will be able to discuss or cite relevant topics we cover in the course as evidence that you have read the material and are facile enough to write about the importance of this subject matter even if you are not an expert. Do not include irrelevant extraneous material. The paper should utilize APA format. If you have ANY questions about the paper please contact the faculty member AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid wasting time doing the assignment incorrectly.


  1. H1N1 outbreak US 2009/10
  2. E. coli contamination of spinach 2006
  3. Salmonella outbreak 2008/9
  4. SARS outbreak in Canada
  5. US measles outbreak 1989-1991
  6. Ebola



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Final paper Public Health

Final paper Public Health

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