Final paper for capstone course

Final paper for capstone course. Final paper for capstone course. Please check upload additional files in my account and have to read it then write this paper.there is no requirement for Number of sources/references, you can write just as you can or you want, but please do not do any plagiarism, because i will turn in to the school web. This paper should have:
• Project Information (Please write this part after read my all materials)
• Abstract
• Project Management Methodology (Please using the waterfall method to write this part, do not use six sigma, because the waterfall is rather than the six sigma.)
• Project Management Tools and Techniques Used (we use project professional 2013 to great the WBS)
• Teamwork Experience (This is the first time to do the really project as a part of a team, during the beginning we fact a lot of challenges, because we do not have any project management experiences and unfamiliar for the project(summer camp), so we spend lot of time to have the meeting to discuss how to develop this project and make it success. However, during the beginning the team member are not know each other, and we had lower efficiency of the group meeting. You can write such kind of challenges or create some other common team experience)
Important (this is write by our professor) 
• When working as part of team, you are likely to face some challenges or you may face challenges that are inherent to the project itself in terms of complexity or novelty. For this section, you need to find at least two peer-reviewed research studies which validate or contradict your experience. Note that the research findings may corroborate your experience, that is, the research findings are consistent with what you’ve experience with your team (i.e., no gap) or the research findings may support otherwise – there are no wrong or right answers. 
• Theory and Practice Gap Analysis (we use lot of theory of project management to develop our project, but in the real way, we found there are too many unnecessary phases, for example the kickoff meeting and risk management plan. Because we interviewed the CEO(Joe Chan) of the JL company, he told us they never do those before. You can write some information like this but more detail and more professional.)
• Conclusions and Recommendations


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Final paper for capstone course

Final paper for capstone course

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