Final Marketing Campaign for a new Mercedes-Benz car

Final Marketing Campaign for a new Mercedes-Benz car. Final Marketing Campaign for a new Mercedes-Benz car. Marketing Campaign Proposal


Mercedes –Benz

Advertising and Marketing Communications












Scope of the proposal

This Campaign proposal aims to advertise a new Mercedes car. It focuses on introducing a new product of the Mercedes –Benz Company.

Background of the company and industry

The Mercedes-Benz Company is an automobile manufacturing company whose products include; buses, trucks, engines and luxury automobiles. The Company is multinational in nature with its headquarters in Germany. The company was named after Karl Benz. The Mercedes –Benz Company is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the world. The company is popular for its high-quality products that are very durable (Autoevolution, 2015).

Corporate objectives

The Company has a number of objectives that it targets to achieve by the end of the campaign; to enhance the interests of Mercedes-Benz vehicles owners; to promote car racing, rallies and shows involving the Mercedes-Benz vehicles; to teach drivers about better habits of driving and to represent Mercedes-Benz in motoring competitions.

Marketing and campaign objectives

The advertisement and marketing campaign of the new Mercedes should aim at creating awareness among the public about the new Mercedes product in the automobile industry. It should aim at showcasing the features of the newly introduced car that are more advanced than those of the previous models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The campaign also aims at increasing sale for the Company by catching the public’s interest in trying the new model.


Target market for the campaign

The advertising and marketing campaign mainly targets the upper class involving high paid business men. Furthermore it targets the university students from various institutions with students of high capability calibre in the society; those who are more oriented to driving in latest models of vehicles. If not for themselves they will carry on the message to their parents.

The message of the advertisement

The advertisement will be having a 3 –dimension photograph of the car and have a well-structured message about the strength of the new car’s engine durability and efficiency, the high-speed limit of the vehicle, the efficiency of fuel consumption and the high level of comfort within the car.

Advert design









Channels of advertisement                                                                                                        The advertisement and marketing shall be made through billboard advertisements, neon signs, through internet, television and radio advertisement and distribution of flyers among the students ( Gibson,2015).

Timing for the advertisement

The television and radio advertisements shall run from 7.00 to 9.00pm., this will ensure that the advertisement messaged covers a wide reach. The distribution of flyers shall be done during student’s lunchtime break. The billboards and neon signs shall run the advert for three months continuously until an official launching ceremony is performed.

The potential obstacles to the campaign

They are projected to be a possible denial of distribution of the flyers to students by the administration authorities of the learning institution. There is a possibility that the representatives of the campaign willl be denied permission to make the advertisement within the institutions.Time factor will also be a limiting factor the three months set for the campaign before the launching may not be enough to capture enough public attention( BrandWorld,2015).







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Feedback – needs to be done better in the Final Campaign:

What is new/special about the new model?

The message of the campaign is not clear.

Objectives should be more specific.

The target audience should be defined using relevant criteria (disposable income is one, but not the only criterion).

How will the campaign stand out?

Use a variety of academic and online sources.




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Final Marketing Campaign for a new Mercedes-Benz car

Final Marketing Campaign for a new Mercedes-Benz car

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