field assignment

field assignment. field assignment.

Watch TV at 3 different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening).
1) List times, shows – count the number of commercials for men, women, children; what are the products? List the percentages.
2) What are the different categories of commercials? (i.e. food, beer, cars, toys, etc.) List the percentages.

PAGE 1: List shows, times, and categories of commercial products. Number of commercials for men/women per category + percentage (You may use tables, charts, pie graphs, or just write out these statistics in paragraph form to illustrate the breakdown of these statistics.

PAGE 2-3: Answer the following questions in essay format: What does this say about the shows? Who’s expected to be watching? What does this say about our culture generally? What social functions/behaviors/things are important? Use at least 3 concepts from notes, readings, and video clips assigned to help explain how you developed your answer. (refer to citation guide)
Criteria for grading:
Organization/flow of writing
3 Pages
Times New Roman, 12 point Font
Proofreading, no typos/grammatical errors

A) For commercials, make sure you tune in to channels that have programming changes depending on what time of the day you are watching. DO NOT use channels where the programming is relatively the same all day (ex: Nickelodeon, MTV, Sci-Fi, History Channel). This defeats the purpose of the assignment. If ABC shows cartoons in the morning you shouldn’t expect a Budweiser commercial to appear suddenly. You want to look for patterns of who is expected to be watching.
B) For commercials, your analysis should be more on the societal level, since it is meant for mass consumption. For music, it should be more personal, and how you relate your personal biography to the rest of society. Everyone should have a different story about his or her musical influences. Just tell yours.p(3)

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field assignment

field assignment

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