family & relationship violence

family & relationship violence. family & relationship violence. Sources:

1. Should the federal government provide funding, and require states to use it, for collecting rape data, when some of the data will never be used in court? Be specific in giving your answer and address why you feel the way you do about the funding.

2. Who should bear the financial burden of building and maintaining facilities to process Jane Doe rape kits? Be specific and give examples of where the money should come from to pay for the facilities needed to process Jane Doe rape kits.

3. Does allowing women to use Jane Doe rape kits, versus filing a complaint against the perpetrator, make it easier for some women to manipulate and abuse the judicial system and file false reports of rape? Be specific in your answer.

4. Would men be more likely to report that they had been raped if they were offered John Doe rape kits? Please be specific in your answer of why or why not.
Remember to use at least full 2 pages of text, double spaced, 1 inch margins with your name inside of the document. Please upload your document in Word or .rtf file format.


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family & relationship violence

family & relationship violence

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