Family in the Media

Family in the Media. Family in the Media. Family in the Media.
For this assignment, you will critically examine and analyze the portrayal of family and/or romantic relationships in a television series or Disney film with regard to one or more of the central issues covered in this course.

This is a rather open assignment—it is up to you to decide what show/movie you choose to examine and the specific elements you want to focus on. Although it is up to you to structure your papers (and I am more than happy to provide guidance on this), there are some questions that need to be answered in each paper. It is up to you to decide how you want to integrate the answers to these questions in your paper:

• Who is the intended audience of this show/movie? To what extent do you think the intended audience influenced the portrayal of family/love in this series/movie?

• When did this television series air/when was this film released? Does the time period in which this show/film was released influence the portrayal of family/love in any way? Explain your answer.

• Do you think changing the structure and dynamics of the family/love in this show/film would change the overall course of the film?

• In light of what you’ve learned in the class, does it change your initial impression of the show/film you analyzed?

In addition to incorporating answers to those questions in the paper, you should provide a brief summary of the series/film. You should also develop a clearly stated thesis early in the paper. Your thesis should frame your analysis and your argument should support your thesis throughout the analysis.

I will evaluate and grade your work on the basis of quality of your analysis and the logic and clarity of your writing. I expect well-written final papers. Organize your thoughts/arguments into coherent themes. Again, these arguments should support your thesis statement. Leave time for at least one major revision of your paper before you turn it in.
Remember formatting instructions: double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman with 1 inch margins, 3-4 pages.

I will use the following guidelines to grade your assignments:

A Outstanding Work (90-100%) Goes above and beyond the requirements of the assignment, above and beyond merely competent work. Outstanding effort, significant achievement, and mastery of the material of the course are clearly evident. Exceptional critical skills, creativity or originality is also evident. Consistently developed sociological perspective. Few if any errors throughout the paper.

B Above Average (80-89%) A “B” paper fulfills all aspects of the assignment and goes a bit beyond minimum competence to a demonstrate a thorough and above average understanding of course material. Extra effort, extra improvement often evident. Clearly demonstrated sociological perspective.

C Average (70-79%) A “C” paper fulfills all aspects of the assignment with obvious competence and grace. A thorough and satisfactory understanding of basic course material and incorporation of a sociological perspective.


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Family in the Media

Family in the Media

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