Extreme and restricted utilitarianism

Extreme and restricted utilitarianism. Extreme and restricted utilitarianism. *Check the attached proposal and my professor comments on it.

*This paper is about normative ethics. You should use Smart, “extreme and restricted utilitarianism” from The Ethical Life book. Compare the solutions to the problem from the article given by different ethical theories. Develop an argument for one of these solutions. In your paper, you should describe the position that you take, and your reason for taking it. You only need these two books to write the paper and any other sources will not be accepted at all. (1)ShaferLandau, R. (2015). The fundamentals of ethics, (3rd or 2nd Ed.). New York, NY, Oxford University Press. Shafer¬Landau, R. (Ed.). (2015). (2) The ethical life: Fundamental readings in ethics and moral problems (3rd or 2nd ed.). New York, NY, Oxford University Press. Please write the pages number in the citation. Best regards


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Extreme and restricted utilitarianism

Extreme and restricted utilitarianism

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