Endangered Species Discussion

Endangered Species Discussion. Endangered Species Discussion.
Assignment 10: Endangered Species and Extinction

(10 pts) A tremendous number of lifeforms are required for us to survive on this planet. Unfortunately, we are undergoing what some scientists are calling the 6th mass extinction event in Earth’s history. You can learn more about mass extinction here:

The Sixth Extinction (9 minutes)

All of these different species serve a role in their respective ecosystems. When they are lost, it affects all the lifeforms around them.

For this discussion, I want you to do the following.

First Post:

Discuss an endangered species (plant, animal, fungus, whatever). Each of you will discuss a DIFFERENT species. Make sure to include the following information:

What is it and where is it found?
What role does it play in its ecosystem?
Why is it endangered?
A photo of the species if possible.

Your post should be 1 to 2 paragraphs long minimum. Make sure to write this in your own words. You are allowed to use a small amount of quotes if you cite your sources. Make sure you have chosen a different species from your classmates! You will need to look through the discussion to make sure no one has chosen your species.

Second Post:

Provide more information about one of the species your classmates have chosen. You can choose to add anything you want that you think is interesting. Only one response allowed per species, so make sure your classmates haven’t already talked about the species your are replying to.

If we have an odd number of posters, and someone is unable to post the first reply to a species, send me an email, and I’ll send you a species to discuss.

Endangered Species Discussion

Endangered Species Discussion

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