Explore the construction of national identity in two different texts

Explore the construction of national identity in two different texts. Explore the construction of national identity in two different texts. Please note that questions require you to discuss the following primary texts from the set reading list:
Achebe, Chinua, Collected Poems*
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, Americanah*
Roy, Arundhati, The God of the Small Things*

For referencing please follow the handbook attached. This should be double spaced.

The essay should cover the learning objectives:
1. Assess critically the constructed nature of cultural identity and the material
historical causes for the way we look at other cultures;

2. Relate issues of identity to contemporary media and cultural theory;

3. Demonstrate cultural awareness by discussing a carefully chosen range of
culturally significant texts;

4. Demonstrate advanced skills in oral presentation, research, writing
and argument.

Secondary reading to be used for referencing are as follows:
Secondary Texts

Adair, G. ; 1981; Hollywood’s Vietnam; London : Proteus.
Amin, S.; 1989; Eurocentrism; London; Zed.
Anderson, B. ; 1991; Imagined Communities; London; Verso.
Ashcroft, B.et al. ; 1988; The Empire Writes Back; London; Routledge.
Barnes,R., and Eichner, J.; 1992; Dress and Gender; Oxford; Berg.
Barthes R.; 1972; Mythologies
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Explore the construction of national identity in two different texts

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