Analysis of Existential Therapy Session

Analysis of Existential Therapy Session. Analysis of Existential Therapy Session. Select and watch a 30-minute segment from one of the following videos in
the library In Video Collection:

 Existential-Humanistic psychotherapy in action Part 2
 Existential psychotherapy

Take notes during the session on any effective or ineffective interventions, congruence
with the existential model, client responses, and the quality of the therapeutic alliance
established by the counsellor.

Write an essay evaluating the application of the existential approach in the session,
providing verbatim examples from the session. Academic references must be used to
support the evaluation.

Analysis is to include:
 description and analysis of interventions, and evidence of how they were effective
or ineffective in this instance, including verbal and nonverbal client responses
 discussion of how the therapeutic work demonstrates or fails to demonstrate
congruence with the existential model
 verbatim examples from the session to illustrate the points above
 evaluation of the quality of the therapeutic relationship including how it manifests
in this session
 analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach as applied in this session
 a discussion of any identified ethical and professional matters for consideration
 reference to relevant literature, linking analysis of the session to theory discussed in
the unit
 a reference list with at least ten relevant references



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Analysis of Existential Therapy Session

Analysis of Existential Therapy Session

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