Evolution of Amer TIGHT

Evolution of Amer TIGHT. Evolution of Amer TIGHT. audience analysis according this paper

Easy Steps to a Good Audience Analysis
1.Select the periodical for which you are writing your article. Investigate
in both print and online format.
2.At first, your first time through, pay special attention to (and take notes on):
a. Who, what, where, when, why, and how?
b. What kinds of articles does the periodical feature? Who writes them?
c. In what style do these writers compose?
d. What kinds of advertisements appear? What do they tell you about who reads the periodical?
e. Does the periodical root itself in ethos, pathos, logos,or some combination?
3.Download and read the “Guide to Rhetorical Analysis” on the course page.
4.Make note of the kinds of questions
–from that guide
–that you think will be most helpful or interesting to answer in your analysis.
Write your analysis. At first, this might look a lot like alist (of answers to questions). From there, work to craft it into
a logical mini-essay; that is, put it in paragraph form.
Be sure to give some indication to me (and your peer reviewers) of what the periodical is called, where you came across it, and why you picked it.

Remember that the goal is not to persuade or convince; it is merely to get your audience to revise—or re-see—the artifact. Get them to consider some aspect of the artifact and/or how it relates to American popular culture that
they may have ignored or forgotten.
This will be the nexus of your article draft.


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Evolution of Amer TIGHT

Evolution of Amer TIGHT

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