Evidence and Theory

Evidence and Theory. Evidence and Theory. TERM PAPER AND EVIDENCE EXERCISE: Minimum 1500 words and 12 images

Objective: Evidence and Theory, An empirical process of analysis, assessment and explanation of cause. Why is this design the way it is? Is it beautiful? if so, why? What makes this design work? These are some of the questions theories will be called upon to answer.

This paper is intended to direct the student to understanding theory and its usefulness by engaging in the process of applying theory to analyzing, understanding, explaining and assessing the quality of an actual building. Here the student should not only learn how to understand and explain the nature of existing buildings, but to direct their own creativity and intellect in the successful design of buildings, knowing what the building being designed is intended to represent and to achieve. To accomplish this, the students will select buildings to examine and explain, first by describing its relevant physical conditions and characteristics, posing an hypothesis or hypotheses, and then examining the evidence manifested in the buildings using that evidence to explain the hypothesis showing how it helps to support the hypothesis leading to proof that the theory is correct. General theory may back the choice of hypothesis and will refer to ‘theories’ presented by the course in class and the course readings. At least three of these theoretical positions should be referenced and used in the assessment process. Having shown that these three have been briefly considered then the rest will be based on one primary theory that you have chosen.

Instructions: Out of the selected buildings. Select three theoretical positions, explaining via hypotheses and application of evidence. Choose one theory to apply out of those three. Your evidence is the building, the place, and its visible physical characteristics.

First step: Read the readings attached and take notes on the theories each reading provided. Now proceed to the second step and begin to write.

Second step: I have already selected 3 buildings (Attached below).
These will form the body of the work. Note, to explain your position, the buildings may be similar or different. That may depend on which theory you wish to apply.
You will be talking about what is different and/or what is the same about the buildings and why?(This should be viewed from a secondary source, meaning you haven’t actually visited the buildings so all of your information is coming from pictures and readings.) What theories from the readings relate to the buildings and how?
Pictures should be placed throughout the paper while writing to show what you are referring to, etc.

Sources: The readings (ATTACHED) for the course will be your main source for selection and explanation of the theories you select. Always give clear and complete reference to all of your sources, whether they are books or online sites. Citation is critical for giving required due credit.

Grading: A: Thoughtful, making excellent use of sources, thorough, and very clearly and logically expressed, graphically well illustrated. Explanations consist of very strong and logical arguments connecting the evidence to the theories being discussed. Excellent presentation text and graphics. B: Good analysis and well done presentation of a hypothesis and arguments which support it, graphically well illustrated. Well argued. C: Average. Everything clear and correct, coverage of evidence, description graphic and written correctly but adding relative little of your own thoughts. D: Not thorough or well presented, incomplete in some way. Unsatisfactory F: Fail. Incorrect, missing too much content, poorly developed or delivered



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Evidence and Theory

Evidence and Theory

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